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Companies or individuals who are interested in joining BBAM can fill in the following forms, then return the completed form with membership fee to BBAM. Instructions and contact information are enclosed in the forms.

Membership Category:

Application/Renewal Form for SME Membership

We wish to apply for/renew my SME membership of BBAM starting from the following date:

Company name: Contact telephone no:
Company address: Fax no:
Website address:
Corporate description:

Please provide e-mail addresses as all BBAM regular correspondence is sent by e-mail

Nominated representatives* (max. 2): e-mail address:

Once completed please email this form to BBAM at the above address and proceed with payment to of HKD/MOP 2,000 to Bank of China, Account # 01-01-20-840341 for payments in MOP [or] Account # 01-11-23-888551 for payments in HKD. Beneficiary: British Business Association of Macao

Thank you. We look forward to welcoming you into the BBAM membership network.