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Past Events

Financial Contribution to local student’s education – 1 Feb

As part of its continuing commitment to Macau society, The British Business Association of Macao (BBAM) presented cheques to Macau’s School of The Nations Scholarship Fund and the Fellowship Programme of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ). The money was raised at BBAM’s Ball held last summer, 2017.

The School of The Nations’ Principal, Vivek Nair accepted a cheque for MOP 40,000 on behalf of a special scholarship account, established by the School, to assist one local Macau resident student who was identified to be in need of financial support to complete his or her studies.

BBAM’s donation added to that given by them last year and will assist in the realization of this student’s dream of going to University this summer, 2018.

The Rector of USJ, Father Peter Sitwell was presented with a cheque for MOP 80,000 by BBAM’s Treasurer, Andrew Evans. Father Sitwell stated USJ’s commitment to managing USJ’s Fellowship Programme for their students in financial difficulties.

Present at both ceremonies, BBAM’s Vice Chairman, Eileen Stow, commented, “The educational futures of all these students are in danger without outside funding and support.   I am proud that BBAM’s members and friends have been able to assist in this way. We at BBAM look forward to continuing to support Macau and its future workforce.”

l to r – Andrew Evans, Father Peter Sitwell, Eileen Stow

Eileen Stow & Vivek Nair




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