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Focus Groups

BBAM sets up Focus Groups to address issues that are important to our members and the Macao business community, including:

Environment Sub-Committee

Purpose of the Committee

To be an expert resource to the BBAM Management Committee and to BBAM members on environmental affairs.
To assist the Management Committee to raise the profile of BBAM in all matters related to the environment, sustainable development and interaction in these fields between business and government. Thus, promoting BBAM’s overall role as a conduit between government and business in Macau and the UK, and thereby creating business, networking and learning opportunities.

Functions and responsibilities

  • To identify opportunities for BBAM to promote its role as a thought leader in the affairs of business & the environment in Macau.
  • To identify business opportunities in providing environmentally friendly solutions.
  • To recommend and implement actions to exploit such respective opportunities.
  • To identify major threats and issues affecting the environment and requiring the attention of BBAM and its members, or possible adoption as a cause.
  • To recommend actions for BBAM to establish its position on such major issues, and further recommend actions to achieve a desired outcome.
  • To identify target audiences for BBAM’s key messages on the environment, and prioritize dissemination to the same according to potential impact and benefit to members.
  • To act as a lobby group in the promotion of a better understanding of the risks to society from environmental degradation. Thus promoting the protection of the environment via sound economic principles for sustainability.
  • To promote the awareness of Environmental Issues and Sustainability through presentations to schools and Collages by Industry Specialists etc.

Outcomes and deliverables

  • Periodic reporting to the Management Committee on environmental initiatives.
  • Formal annual reporting to the Management Committee.
  • The distribution of minutes of meetings to membership.
  • The organisation of at least one event per annum, open to all BBAM members, with a focus on the environment or sustainable development.


  • Experienced professionals who are active in Environment or Sustainable Development industry roles in Macau and Hong Kong, or who have been active in this sector during their careers.
  • Committee membership should strive to be representative of Macau’s cultural diversity.
  • Candidates, who need not initially be BBAM members, will be proposed by the Committee Chairman to the Management Committee Chairman before appointment.
  • Committee Chairman will spare no effort to encourage such committee members to be become BBAM members, and will ensure that at least half of all committee members are also BBAM members.
  • Observers and invited experts may attend Committee meetings.


  • Committee Chairman to receive information, agenda and minutes of previous meetings in advance for approval.
  • Agenda and meeting material to be distributed by email in advance to Committee members within a reasonable period.
  • Decisions to be made by consensus wherever possible.
  • Minutes will be taken by a mutually-agreed and nominated individual and that task to rotate amongst members at each meeting.
  • A Committee member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings may be asked to step down from his or her place.

Role of the Committee Chairman

  • Propose committee members to Management Committee Chairman for ratification.
  • Report on committee activities at each Annual General Assembly Meeting.
  • Submit a budget, if required, to the Management Committee for approval.
  • Review the Committee remit periodically in the light of its functioning and submit for comment to the Management Committee.
  • Schedule committee meetings at reasonable frequencies, amending the schedule accordingly, but with a minimum of 3 meetings annually.
  • Agree and ensure the timely distribution of agendas with the BBAM Office Manager.
  • Approve and submit minutes & follow-up actions from meetings to Management Committee within 30 days of each meeting.
  • To be the principal point of contact for the Management Committee.

Importantly, the Committee Chairman will:

  • Present the subjects for discussion and ensure a common understanding by all committee members.
  • Manage conflict and bring discussions to a mutually-acceptable conclusion.
  • Eliminate inertia.

Date: September 21st 2011