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Sterling Membership

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Annual Fee - HKD/MOP 25,000

Our Sterlings particularly represent those who recognize that providing greater financial support enables our Chamber to maintain a high British profile here in Macao, with a varied diary of events aimed to target the broad interests and connection needs of our Membership.

We offer certain benefits in return, which are regularly reviewed to increase our appreciation.

Our Sterlings’ Exclusive Benefits include:

  • 10 Nominated Representatives.

  • Preferential invitation for one representative to attend intimate luncheons/dinners with appropriate visiting dignitaries as happen from time to time.

  • Preferential seating at Britcham Macao Luncheons, Breakfasts and other relevant events (excluding The Ball).

  • Acknowledgement during Chairman’s welcome address at any Britcham event the Sterling attends (excluding The Ball).

  • The Sterling’s Company logo will be displayed under the static listing of Sterling Members displayed on each page of our website.

  • The Sterling will be given up to four, free mailings to the Britcham Macao circulation list each year.

  • Opportunities for other negotiable exposure for The Sterling which may benefit Britcham Macao: eg an invitation to conduct an evening seminar for our Members (certain rules apply).

Join our super Sterlings by applying directly to

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