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Focus Groups

BBAM sets up Focus Groups to address issues that are important to our members and the Macao business community, including:

PAN PRD, Greater Bay Area, Hengqin, Zhuhai Liaison

Point of Contact and relevant inquiries: Jill Rigg through

Jill Rigg has many years’ experience in China commencing with the opening of a China consultancy arm of her then business in Hong Kong.   She was the first foreign woman in China assisting in the development and introduction of foreign organizations to form JOINT VENTURES with mainland SOEs.

This was commenced in 1982, shortly after Deng Xiaoping adopted his open door policy to the West and continued over a ten year period.  She worked with senior personnel within CCPIT (China Council for the promotion of International Trade), MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce – People’s Republic of China) and MOFERT (Ministry of Foreign Economy, Relations and Trade).

She was successful in concluding a number of high-level business deals on behalf of both Government and private sector in the Oil & Gas industry, trading and banking industries and she later was a pioneer of the recruitment industry in China as well as Hong Kong.


  1. To develop information flow on potential business for British companies based in Macao, Hong Kong and internationally
  2. To build a British Business Association presence with the Hengqin Government to facilitate broader connectivity
  3. Hengqin should be viewed as a long-term development project – British talent and expertise can be part of the journey
  4. BBAM members are invited to send in to the Hengqin Liaison information which will benefit the facilitation of business formation.
  5. To broaden a deeper understanding of the future plans for Hengqin (Macao’s backyard) both at Government and private sector levels
  6. Liaison with UKTI Hong Kong and the development of trade missions to both Hengqin and Zhuhai organized by UKTI Hong Kong and Great Britain.
  7. At the appropriate time to facilitate luncheon guest speakers to address members & friends in Macau
  8. To develop strong links with SOEs and Zhuhai and Hengqin Government personnel